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An Interview with Kirstie McCallum – Gelston’s Head Distiller

Recently, Irishmalts was lucky enough to sit down with Kirstie McCallum of Samuel Gelston’s Irish Whiskey. Founded in 1830 by Belfast based Samuel Gelston, Gelston’s Whiskey has been distilling and bottling Irish whiskeys of high quality with unique and innovative finishes for many years. Kirstie is Gelston’s Head Distiller. Coming from a successful career in the […]

In Conversation with Lisa Doyle of Dublin Liberties Distillery

Cheers to clinking glasses again, right? Summer is finally in full swing, and the Irish whiskey industry is adjusting to the slow reopening of the world (not to mention the change in temperature). To celebrate this special summer, we enjoyed the chance to chat with Lisa Doyle, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Dublin Liberties […]

We’re Back – The New Irishmalts

Discover what everyone is talking about… How have we changed? A lot has changed at Irishmalts since the company was founded in 2018. We’ve welcomed new members to our team, outgrown our old workspace, and (most importantly) we have added countless new bottles to our shelves! Our old website simply could not keep up with […]

What is Irish Whiskey and How It’s Made

The first written record of Irish whiskey dates to 1405. Today, thanks to the Irish Whisky Act of 1980, it is protected in Ireland by statute law. It must be distilled and matured in wooden casks for a minimum of three years on the island of Ireland. The word whiskey itself is an anglicisation of […]

Irish Whiskey vs Scotch Whiskey

Is it Whiskey or Whisky? Ever wondered why there is whiskey and why there is whisky or what’s the difference between a Scotch and an Irish? Here, we will try to explain the pros and cons of each without being too biased towards Ireland! The two powerhouses of whiskey makers, Ireland & Scotland for centuries […]

Dingle Gin – Through the Looking Glass at the Legendary Irish Distillery

We made a trip out to the westernmost point of Ireland, the amazing Dingle Peninsula to visit the Dingle Distillery to learn a bit more about the magic that goes into making Ireland’s most beloved Gin, Dingle Original Gin. Read on for more on the story and people behind Ireland’s only independent distillery. SETTING THE SCENE As […]

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