Organically Irish Bundle


Now is your chance to grab a Bundle of the first certified Irish Whiskey on the market; from the amazing Waterford Distillery. This “organic whiskey only” bundle contains a FREE Irishmalts branded Tuath Glass, as well as one bottle of Organic Gaia 1.2 and Waterford’s Gaia 1.1. Organic whiskey is the way of the future!

Waterford Single Malt Gaia Organic 2.1

The Arcadian Series of alt-barley is where we champion those maverick growers whose inspirational ethos & way of life respects the land and the old ways in the pursuit of flavour over yield imperative. For the first time we dip into a new vintage: the 2016 organic harvest. Once again Gaia, neopagan goddess & a personification of Mother Earth herself, is our standard bearer for the celebration of this vibrant new edition of Ireland’s only whisky to be distilled from organic Irish barley.

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Irishmalts Túath Glass

We have collaborated with Túath to bring you our official Irishmalts Túath Glass. A conical shaped nosing and tasting glass for whiskey that functions by concentrating & capturing all the aromas and flavours of Irish Whiskey. The stem provides a secure anchor for the thumb, and either left or right handed users can safely swirl and nose the whiskey, while the larger chamber and wider aperture allow the drinker to retain eye contact by not having to tilt their head back so far. The larger chamber of The Túath allows whiskey drinkers to move seamlessly from a tasting experience to a drinking experience.

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Waterford Single Malt Gaia Organic 1.1

Organic Gaia 1.1 is the first organic Irish whisky as certified by the Organic Trust is the beginning of Waterford's new Arcadian Series. This first whisky is distilled from organic Irish barley grown by Paddy Tobin, Alan Jackson, Pat and Denis Booth, Jason Stanley, Trevor Harris and John Mallick. Fully matured in a spectrum of super premium oak: 42% first-fill US oak, 17% virgin US oak, 18% Vin Doux Naturel – sweet fortified wines – and 23% premium French oak. It’s bottled at 50% ABV without colouring, chill-filtration or any additives.

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