The Irishman Founder's Reserve

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The first blend from Bernard Walsh of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and boy is it a good one. The Irishman is made up of 70% Single Malt and 30% Single Pot Still and contains no inferior grain whiskeys. An unusual and unique blend which is matured in bourbon casks. 

The Facts

Walsh Whiskey Distillery
Alcohol Strength
Blended Irish Whiskey
No Age Statement

Tasting Notes

NoseThe aromas are quite fresh and consist of Zesty spices, hints of white pepper and some green apples and pears.
PalateSome ripe fruits, a hint of vanilla rounded off with some pot still spice (cloves, cracked peppercorn and some nutmeg).
FinishA very long woody finish with some butterscotch and toffee. 

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