The Three Bottle H. Becker Bundle


Want to buy the entire H. Becker range with one easy click? We’ve created this specialty bundle to achieve just that. Plus, everyone who buys this three bottle bundle would get a bottle of H. Becker Foundation Irish Whiskey at half price. Hurry, get to shopping. Scroll down to read the specifics on each bottle included in this new and exclusive bundle.

H. Becker Cask Strength Irish Trinity Whiskey

Love, Friendship and Thankfulness.

This whiskey features a long lasting and smooth body. This blend is handcrafted using triple distilled Irish Whiskey, non chill filtered, with no added colour.

In stock

H. Becker Irish Whiskey Trinity Blend

Love, Friendship and Thankfulness. Non Chill Filtered. No Added Colour. This unique whiskey has a memorable and interesting taste. This small batch bottle would make a great addition to any respectable collection. 

In stock

H. Becker Irish Whiskey Foundation Blend

Love, friendship and thankfulness. Non Chill Filtered and No Added Colour. This is a lovely hand crafted blend of triple distilled single grain and sherried single malt whiskey.

In stock

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