The Three Silkies Bundle


Meet the Three Silkies Bundle. This specially discounted bundle is comprised of all the available Silkie products and is the ideal way for you to complete your collection!

The Silkie Irish Whiskey

The Silkie Irish whiskey is an independent bottling from the Sliabh Liag distillery. The Silkie is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, creating an exceptionally smooth liquid with a fresh yet rich character. The whiskey is named after Silkies which are a thing of Donegal legend. Silkies take the form of a seal in the ocean and irresistibly beautiful women when they come ashore.

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The Legendary Dark Silkie Irish Whiskey

Dark Silkie is a smoky blend of double distilled single malts and triple distilled peated single malts with soft grain whiskey. Non chill-filtered and bottled at 46%, this whiskey is incredibly smooth with a natural sweetness occuring from the use of heather based Irish peat used to make the peated single malts. Dark Silkie has at its core triple distilled peated single malt which is matured in sherry.

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The Legendary Midnight Silkie Irish Whiskey

The Midnight Silkie completes the core Silkie collection and is the smokiest blend yet, with four triple distilled single malts and a triple distilled peated single malt at its heart. Created to be savored over the midnight watch. With 35% triple distilled peated malt at its heart, The Midnight Silkie is a rich, complex and smoky blend, completing the core range of our Silkie Irish Whiskeys. In all, five single malts aged in sherry, bourbon, oloroso, red wine, virgin oak and imperial stout casks, are blended to perfection giving a whiskey that marks the final step in the journey of smoke offered by the Silkie collection. This blend is bottled at 46%, non-chill filtered for a richer character.

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