4 Things To Love About Single GrainWhiskey

What in the world is Single Grain Whiskey anyway? To put it simply, a single grain is a whiskey that has been produced from one single distillery using a few different grains such as wheat, rye or corn. Often, this whiskey is produced on-site as well. This does differ from Single Malt Whiskey, whis is whisky made of malt from one distillery using malted barley. 

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Single grain WHiskey

There is plenty to love about the new and upcoming category of Single Grain whiskey! As mentioned, Single Grain Whiskey is a spirit distilled from a single grain type, giving it a pure type of flavor. Generally, these sorts of whiskeys are light and mild, making them a great introduction to the Irish whiskey category as a whole. You will be able to taste a sweetness, but not a challenging charred or peaty taste that can be seen in other sorts of flavor profiles. If you have not given that whiskey a sip before, don’t be shy, give it a try!

Now, with the Irish Whiskey renaissance well underway over the last few years or so, Single Grain has been seeing a resurgence in popularity. Many new Irish whiskey producers are realizing the potential of Single Grain. As such, new expressions are beginning to pop up every year. For example Teeling Single Grain is an award winning expression of the whiskey category. It is produced using roughly 95% corn, making it sweet and soft.

Typically grain whiskeys may be produced using any sort of still, though it is most commonly produced in a Continuous Column Still. Why? Well, simply because this is probably the cheapest and most efficient way to produce a quality final product for the spirit. Sometimes, the result may run the risk of coming out much less complex than other variants of whiskey. As such, skilled master blenders must be employed to create tasteful Irish grain whiskeys. Method and Madness Single Grain Whiskey is a great example of this!

The fourth and final thing we love about Single Grain whiskey is that the recent spike in interest for this sort of whiskey is not only due to its easy flavor profile, but its flexibility in cocktails. So, any summer cocktail you have in mind can be adapted to suit the easy flavor of a nice grain whiskey! What is not to love about that?

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