4 Things To Love About Single Pot Still Whiskey

There is plenty to love about the classic Single Pot Still Whiskey, but what is Single Pot Still anyway? Single pot still whiskey is a style of Irish whiskey produced in a single distillery, created from a mixed mash of malted and unmalted barley. Naturally, this mix must also be distilled in a pot still to be granted the aforementioned name. Single Pot Still Whiskey is often defined by its unique spiced flavor and rich coloring.

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Single Pot Still WHiskey

So, why does the Irishmalts Team love Single Pot Still Whiskey? As mentioned, Single Pot Still Whiskey is a spirit distilled from a mash of malted as well as unmalted barley. This will give the resulting liquid a wonderfully creamy mouthfeel and that spiced fruit flavor. Single Pot Still is nearly synonymous with some of Ireland’s best loved brands like Redbreast’s 12 Year Old Single Pot Still. If you have not given that whiskey a sip before, don’t be shy, give it a try!

As for a bit of history (which we love), near the end of the 19th century, there was more Single Pot Still whiskey leaving Ireland due to export than any other whiskey type from the country. It was just about the most popular style of whiskey money could buy. Then came the 80’s. Sadly, the style had almost disappeared by then due to the surge in popularity of blends and other such forms of the Spirit.

Now, with the Irish Whiskey renaissance well underway over the last few years or so, Single Pot Still has been seeing a resurgence in popularity. Many new Irish whiskey producers are realizing the potential of Single Pot Still. As such, new expressions are beginning to pop up every year. For example, Samuel Gelston’s Single Pot Still Pinot Noir Finish Irish Whiskey and Method and Madness Wild Cherry Wood Finish Single Pot Still.

Again, as the name of the whiskey suggests, this type of whiskey is made in Pot Stills. By law, this type of whiskey must include at least 30 perfect malted and unmaled barley. Another 5 percent must also be made of cereal grains. The barley gives Single Pot Still whisky its distinctive spiced notes, which is unique to this yummy type of whiskey.

The fourth and final thing we love about Single Pot Still whiskey is that Pot Still Whiskey is the only style of whiskey that is made only on the Island of Ireland. That’s right, you can only drink Single Pot Still whiskey if you’re drinking Irish Whiskey. The fourth and final reason we love Single Pot Still Whiskey is that Pot Still Whiskey is the only Style of whiskey that is made only on the Island of Ireland. Why not give this type of whiskey a try today?

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