Cheers to clinking glasses again, right? Summer is finally in full swing, and the Irish whiskey industry is adjusting to the slow reopening of the world (not to mention the change in temperature). To celebrate this special summer, we enjoyed the chance to chat with Lisa Doyle, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Dublin Liberties Distillery. This Dublin based distillery features an award winning whiskey portfolio, with something for every whiskey enthusiast or beginner. From their zesty Dubliner range to their premium Liberties products, DLD is stepping up to become a heavy hitter in the Irish whiskey market.

The message of the brand has always been to “tell the story of Dublin and the area we’re from,” said Lisa. “We want to connect back to the heart of Ireland and bring stories from the place and the people to our customers. Many products are named for specific locations in Dublin.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. The Dublin Liberties product range is a special example of whiskeys that are entrenched in Dublin’s history. As such, it is no surprise that the distillery works closely with historians to bring the area to light. To name just a few, The Dublin Liberties Copper Alley – 10 Year Old Single Malt is deeply inspired by the famous Copper Alley area in Dublin, Ireland. 

The Dublin Liberties Murder Lane – 13 Year Old Single Malt Batch 2 takes its name from an unmarked alley between Bow Street & James Street in Dublin. It is said that people who went down that lane never came back. There was an archway with an oak devil hung above it and it was seen as a place of no return. 

The Dublin Liberties Keepers Coin – 16 Year Old Single Malt Batch 2 reveals the story of the secret historical debauchery dens found beneath Christ Church cathedral in the Liberties. 

For a brand so entrenched in Dublin City, we can only imagine how challenging the COVID-19 lockdown(s) must have been. “There are three other fantastic distilleries within walking distance from us. We’re the much smaller craft distillery within the area,”  Lisa agreed. “When we closed our doors we had to let go of all the staff. Still, we continued to make whiskey every day during lockdown. We even created our e-commerce site and became the first of the three Dublin distilleries to host door delivery.”

We’ve always known that it is this entrepreneurial spirit that drives the Spirits industry. In fact, as the whiskey industry grows globally, Irish distilleries are poised to take the forefront, despite the challenges presented by COVID. “Getting the liquid on lips is the key,” Lisa affirmed. “We can’t wait to do work in other markets, travel again and meet global distributors and customers.” She also noted that Dublin Liberties Distillery will aim to release at least one new product annually. Obviously, there is plenty coming from DLD for us to look forward to!

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