International Irish Whiskey Day

Irish Whiskey lovers, unite! Today is our day! March 3rd comes as a momentous date for everyone who lives in Ireland, or anyone who has a fondness of whiskey. Today is International Irish whiskey day! Today, say cheers with a glass of your favorite Irish Spirit.

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What is international Irish Whiskey Day

With St. Patrick’s Day only two weeks away, we recommend that you warm-up your pallet with one of our Irish artisan whiskeys and learn a little bit about what makes this day so special.

International Irish Whiskey Day was brought to us by whiskey aficionado Stuart McNamara. Stuart McNamara of the Irish Craft & Artisan Distilleries Association. Stuart grew up in West Cork and has had a very varied journey as Soldier, Sailor and Whiskey Maker. Stuart wanted to celebrate his passion and love for Irish Whiskey and share it with the world on an international level. As such, Stuart made his name writing about whisk(e)y from across the world, but he never ever forgot his home in Ireland. We at Irishmalts feel a particular fondness for International Irish Whiskey Day, not only because we love Irish Whiskey, but because our main mission as a business is to share the Irish Whiskey renaissance with the whole world. 

International Irish Whiskey Day is celebrated on the special day of March 3rd to hint at the three most established styles of Irish Whiskey. Those types are Single Grain, Single Malt and Pot Still. As implied by the name, Single Grain whisk(e)y is a liquid that is made of whiskey from one single distillery using different grains such as wheat, rye or corn. 

Single Malt is a similar term, but refers to a different process. Single Malt simply means that the whiskey is produced by a single distillery. While the liquid can come from many different casks, it is all made at the same distillery. 

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is a bit different, and has been increasingly popular. Single Pot Still Whiskey refers to whiskey made at a single distillery from a mixed mash of malted and unmalted barley. Naturally, the liquid must also be distilled in a pot still.


Regardless of what your favorite type of Irish Whiskey is, you can be sure that all Irish Whiskey has a smooth flavor that sets it apart from other whiskeys. Irish Whiskey can only be distilled using water and caramel coloring, plus it has to be distilled in wooden casks for at least three years before it is allowed on the market. These careful regulations ensure that your whiskey is delightful to sip straight, on the rocks, or sometimes even right from the bottle. 

We will be celebrating International Irish Whiskey day by cracking open some of our favorite bottles. How will you be celebrating?  

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