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A Chat with Michael R O’ Boyle of Mulroy Bay

Irishmalts was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Michael R O’ Boyle of Mulroy Bay to discuss the rich history of Poitin, and his involvement in the industry. Michael is the Distiller at Baoilleach Distillery. This small, independently run distillery is Donegal’s first grain distillery in over a century. The distillery is situated in an old cottage on a hillside overlooking Mulroy Bay and the Wild Atlantic…

IrishAmerican 19 Year Old Single Malt Founders Reserve Inaugural Release

The Inaugural release of the Irish American Founder’s Reserve Series dropped yesterday on Irishmalts. Carefully selected by the founder of IrishAmerican, John McKay, this exceptional whiskey is available for pre-order now. His vision, dream and legacy is embodied in this rare premium series.

What Is Mead & How Can I Drink It: Everything You Need To Know

Described as the perfect blend between wine and beer, mead is seeing a resurgence in the global alcohol industry. In short, mead was created 3 thousand years before the invention of the wheel. It is thought that mead was invented when rain fell into a pot of honey. Nowadays, the process is more refined…

Our Favorite Whiskey Subscription: Delivering The Tasting To Your Door

Discover Irelands first ever whiskey subscription service! – It is no secret that the whiskey renaissance is lighting up the world. Suddenly, there seems to be a new and exclusive bottle release every week! With so much going on, it is hard to keep up with (or get into) the ever-changing market. How do you […]

Our Top 5 Whiskeys for Newcomers

What should I try? Where do I start? The world of whiskey can be a daunting prospect for novice drinkers. From the outside it can have a reputation for harshness or snobbery. In reality, whiskey is just as drinkable and approachable as any Spirit. Let us explain. Irish Whiskey is considered to be the smoothest […]

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