Discover Irelands first ever whiskey subscription service!

It is no secret that the whiskey renaissance is lighting up the world. Suddenly, there seems to be a new and exclusive bottle release every week! With so much going on, it is hard to keep up with (or get into) the ever-changing market. How do you know what new releases have just come out? How do you know what is popular? How do you know if that pricey bottle is even any good? This is where subscription boxes come into play. A whiskey subscription set is a luxurious try before you buy service that allows you to taste test the hottest whiskeys on the market. Subscription sets take the pressure off. You no longer have to remember release dates, search for popular bottles, or take your chances on buying a bottle you might not like.

What is Three Drams?

Three Drams is Ireland’s leading whiskey based subscription service. With a Three Drams subscription, members gain premium access to three 30ml drams of unique Irish whiskeys, live tasting events and bespoke discounts. Members can choose from different subscription sets and find what works for them!

Each month, the tasting boxes are paired with LIVE tasting events. At these events, members will get to tour the contents of their tasting box with the master distillers, brand ambassadors and founders that produced the drams. Three Drams is a full blown whiskey tasting experience that is delivered right to your door. (Don’t worry, the tasting events are always available on demand too).

Why do we love Three Drams?

Three Drams is brought to you by the team behind Irishmalts. This means that if you love to shop with Irishmalts, Three Drams membership will give you exclusive access to discounts and offers on plenty of IM stock! Three Drams have partnered up with both niche and prominent Irish whiskey brands and have celebrated countless special editions and new releases of Irish whiskey. Plus, after every live event an email will be sent out to Three Drams members offering exclusive discounts codes for the full sized bottles of each whiskey featured that month.

How do I sign up?

It is easy! By following the link below, you can read up on how to become Three Drams subscriber, where you can also sign up for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or just a once off subscription. PS, once you become a member, there are no shipping costs!

We look forward to seeing you over at Three Drams!

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