The WHiskey Nosing Glass

There are so many ways to drink whiskey. You can sip it straight, on ice, or from a fancy cocktail. But there is also the question of what to drink your whiskey from? You could drink it from anything at all (we’ve all taken a drink right from the bottle once or twice) but there are a few glasses designed specifically for whiskey drinking. Allow us to introduce you to the Whiskey Nosing Glass and the Irish Túath Glass!

So, what actually is a nosing glass. It has a funny name, but in short, the nosing glass is designed to enhance the aromas of drink. The nosing glass is generally wide at the bottom, and more narrow towards the top. As such, this design is aimed to direct the smells of the whiskey up towards your nose in a positive way. This tulip shaped nosing glass is generally more delicate than the traditional whiskey tumbler (aka the on the rocks glass). This glass is also great for learning how to taste whiskey, if the tasting process is something you are new to, as it really does emphasize the smells and colors in the liquid. You should give this glass a go next time you drink!

The Túath Glass

The Túath glass is a whiskey glass traditional to Irish Whiskey. According to the creators of the glass, the item was said to be created as a result of “exhaustive research into nosing and tasting glasses” which came to “an enhanced chamber capacity delivering a better and more generous drinking experience.” The glassware also is said to “allow the usual solitary tasting experience to be expanded into a real social Irish moment as you maintain eye contact with friends and colleagues” because of the interesting concave rim. This contemporary Túath (tu – ah) – from the old Irish for family or nation, emerged as a result of the resurgence in the popularity of whiskey in Ireland over the past ten or so years. The slightly larger belly on this glass is intended to give the drinker a more generous measure of liquid, and quite possibly allow more air to reach the liquid, thus enhancing the smells. 

So, which glass is better? We recommend that you give both a try and see which one suits your fancy. Let us know what you think! You can buy our Irishmalts branded Túath Whiskey glass to enjoy with any of the below bottles! 

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