Whiskey Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

Irish Whiskey has been going from strength to strength over the past few years. From a being a fading industry, to experiencing a modern renaissance, Irish Whiskey has certainly taken the drinks industry by storm. The last few years of whiskey has been all about reviving traditions and returning to the roots of what made Irish Whiskey so great. Interestingly, 2021 brought us exceptional releases in the Cask Strength and flavored categories. Irish Producers also hugely expanded the range of whiskeys available in the Grains category. We can expect such trends to develop further as we move into 2022!

Flavored Whiskeys 

Not all the big brands are into it yet, but we have a feeling that may change sooner than you think. Food pioneers all over the world are jumping on the flavour bandwagon. Brands that have nothing to do with whiskey (think Pepsi and Oreo) have been flavoring foods for more than a decade. It is only natural that those trends eventually make their way into the world of drinks. We’ve all seen how popular the Truly Hard Seltzer has become in the last few months. Keep an eye out for similar trends in whiskey.

Cask Strength Whiskey

Bottling at cask strength is a known practice, but it still remains one of the less popular methods in Ireland. Still, it is a great way to deliver a whiskey with taste and character. Multiple Cask Strength releases emerged in 2021, and the Cask Strength formula is exceptionally popular within the Bourbon varieties of whiskey. As such, we expect to see it explode onto the Irish Whiskey scene this year.    

Celebrity Whiskey and Spirits

Can you think of a mainstream celeb that does not have a Spirit brand at this point? 2021 saw the hugely popular release of Heaven’s Door Whiskey. Heaven’s Door is an award-winning collection of handcrafted American style whiskeys co-created with the famous Bob Dylan. After that success, we can only imagine that other celebrities and musicians will want to get in on the whiskey industry. This is by no means a revolutionary trend, people have been doing it for ages. Still, we are guessing that new and upcoming celebs will be joining in on the Spirits industry with the intent to target the latest generation of drinkers.

Keep an eye out for these trends, but don’t forget about 2021. Here are a few of our favorite releases from 2021!

SOME OF OUR 2021 FAvorites

What do you think will be a new trending topic in the Irish Spirits industry of 2022? Let us know with a comment below. We’d like to hear what you think! 

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