Midleton Very Rare

Single Pot Still

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

Midleton Very Rare
Bearing the name of the celebrated second generation Midleton Master Distiller, Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy represents a selection of pot still whiskeys which have been matured exclusively in American bourbon barrels with a subtle contribution from a pot still distillate which has matured in an unseasoned American barrel. 'The pinnacle of the Single...
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Midleton Very Rare 2017

Midleton Very Rare
An absolute favourite of ours here at irishmalts and highly recommended. The Very Rare Series was created in 1984 by master distiller Barry Crockett and 2017s edition has not let us down. The 34th installment has some of the oldest blends the series has ever seen with some 32 year old Midleton grain whiskey and a 26 year old single pot still whiskey. The...

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