Muff Christmas Candy Cocktail Box


Ingredients for 1 Cocktail
25ml Muff Gin
25ml Cassis Liqueur
20ml Lime
20ml Sugar
50ml Cranberry Juice
Popping Candy Garnish
Sugar Syrup

How to mix
Empty both sachets of popping candy onto a small plate. Using a wedge of lime, run the lime around the lip of your cocktail glass. Put your glass on the plate of popping candy. The popping candy will stick to the lime juice on the rim of your glass. Using your 25ml measure, add 50ml Cranberry juice to a cocktail shaker. Squeeze 20ml from your fresh Lime and add to your shaker.

Finally, add 20ml Sugar Syrup, 25ml Cassis Liqueur and 25ml Muff Gin to your cocktail shaker. Add ice to the shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds until your drink is nice and chilled. Pour the contents (including ice) into your cocktail glass. Sit back and enjoy!

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