Have you just tasted Éirinn Eiru – 20 Year Old Single Malt as part of the August Three Drams tasting set? Are you looking to buy a bottle?

If so, you’re in the right place! Sadly, these whiskeys are not available for general sale just yet. This Single Cask whiskey is limited to a run of 250 bottles each. We’re happy to offer Three Drams subscribers early access to the product. To registure your pre-launch interest, please enter your details on our sign up form below. You’ll be the first to know when both bottles are live and on sale on! 


Eirinn Tasting Notes


A prosperous flood of butter-sweet chocolate, a hint of marshmallows, and a bustling flow of caramel, a gorgeous enticement. She is elegant and sleek, wild with mountain berries, sparkling spices, and a house of liquorice. Her hazelnuts are a fox’s cover, bountiful, and underneath a luscious sweetness of pignuts, a forgotten treasure unearthed, goose-plucked, roasted, and waiting to be bitten.


A kissing string of vanilla, honey, a volcano of sweet fruits, then a sharp-tongued eruption, of boiling, bubbling Oak tannins, smoked foods, and burning heather. She is weaved like a battalion of horses in battle, charges, sweet and bitter, dangerously delicious, with an interchanging wave, weaving. Apples and pears ghost you in every direction, Rowan berries stand still, but the biting darts and spears are s whirlwind, she is Divinity.


The thorn-driven sorceress turns into the most succulent and paralysing of spirits, a numbing tingling thrill of woods and spices. Honey and caramels return from a voyage, luscious plums, and a blushing flame of sea-salts and burnt bacon, invigorating. Her whipping was a thunderbolt, and her rich kisses reappear in creamy red-blossomed fruits, fragrant-flowers, luxurious forest treats, like a healing intimacy, slow, her horseshoe brings eternal luck.

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