Copeland Classic Irish Gin

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Distilled in one of Ireland's historic port towns, Copeland have released their first traditional Irish Gin, which uses a harmony of organic botanicals from around the world creating a distinctively crisp, fresh coastal spirit. The Copeland Distillery’s new gin features 12 carefully selected organic & fair wild botanicals including Pine Needles, Cubeb Berries, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and some locally sourced flora from local islands including Sea Pink Maritima. The result is a refreshingly loud yet familiar juniper taste with caramelised orange peel & sweet spice on the nose. Piney juniper follows giving a even more distinctive experience while sweet orange returns with a lingering yet subtle spice. 

The Facts

Copeland Spirits
Alcohol Strength
Irish Gin
County Down

Tasting Notes

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