Whistler Dopplebock Rye Cask Finish


The Whistler Doppelback Rye Cask Finish is a creative collaboration between Boann Distillery’s ‘The Whistler’ and Rye River Brewing Co. A number of Rye Whiskey casks were filled with a sweet malty Doppelbock beer and lagered in casks for 6 months. The casks were then filled for 6 months. After this, the casks were filled with a blend of Single Grain and Single Malt whiskeys which had been matured in Rye casks. The result is a delicious sweet, spicy and malty whiskey.

Limited Edition: Only 6,000 bottles produced.

43% ABV. Non-Chill Filtered. Natural Colour.

This blend: 35% Malt & 65% Grain Irish Whiskey.

Triple Distilled

Bourbon Matured: 6 years minimum (with 6 years being the youngest, & liquids up to 16 years used!)

Doppelback Rye Cask Finished: 12 months minimum


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