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Irish Gin and Vodka are currently experiencing a boom, with a large number of new Irish Gin's and Vodka's being curated each month. There are truly some unique and wonderfully tasting Gins in this category, as well as vodkas, and some really have to be experienced to fully appreciate. Ireland itself is a no-brainier for making Gin, where wild and unique botanical's can be found very easily. Irish Vodka is growing rapidly and some have already begun winning awards for quality and taste.

We are delighted to bring you a number of the most popular Gins and Vodkas produced on the island of Ireland!

Jackford Gin
Irish Gin and Vodka

Jackford Gin

Jackford Irish Potato Gin is produced by The Stafford family in Co. Wexford. The family have farmed potatoes for many years and are famed for the quality of their crops. Using these potatoes they distill Jackford Gin, and with a mix of botanicals such as orris root, cassia bark, basil, rosemary and more, the end spirit is beautifully balanced and unique.

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