Jawbox Gin


When Gerry White decided to create a new gin, he threw the kitchen sink at it – the Belfast Sink, or Jawbox as it is colloquially known – to be accurate. Gerry hankered for the conviviality found around the kitchen sink and reckoned most people migrated to bars for the same reasons – talk, company and  a bit of craic. And he wanted his gin to taste of bygone days. So while an intriguing undercast of botanicals such as angelica root, coriander, cardamon, cubeb, grains of paradise, cassia quills, orris root, liquorice root, Black Mountain Heather and lemon lend a whiff of glamour to proceedings, the star of the show is the good old juniper berry.

And the result?

Jawbox Classic Dry Gin – delighfully fragrant  with all the best attributes of a traditional gin.

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