Vodkas (Made The Traditional Way) Bundle


istil 38 Irish Vodka has three expressions in its core range, all of which are included in this price slashed bundle. Their new range consists of a classic vodka and two flavours, Pink Berries and Vanilla. Each artisan Irish vodka is specifically designed to be mixed into long drinks and into some of the world’s most loved cocktails. Though the vodka is produced in a traditional copper pot still, it is made to be enjoyed through thoroughly modern serves.

istil 38 Pot Still Vodka

Crisp, clean aromas and finessed flavours truly set it apart from the crowd. Such are the attributes of a carefully refined copper pot distillation process, specifically designed to create a smooth, rounded, full-flavoured vodka. Such is the purity and smoothness of istil 38, it may be enjoyed neat, chilled or mixed.

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istil 38 Pot Still Vanilla Vodka

Vanilla premium Vodka is distilled from 100% wheat in an energy-efficient copper pot still. By distilling our vodka four times, it is uniquely enriched for a velvet-like, silky texture. That provides the perfect base for natural vanilla to be added in for a deeper taste and layer of luxury. We specifically formulated this recipe to be the ideal vodka for two of the world's most loved cocktails - the Espresso Martini and Pornstar Martini.

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istil 38 Pot Still Pink Berries Vodka

Pot Still Vodka Pink Berries is distilled from 100% wheat in an energy-efficient copper pot still. The alcohol by volume content is 38% (76 proof USA). It goes through a quadruple pot still distillation that imparts a super smooth and creamy mouthfeel. We then flavour it with a mixture of Irish berries that give it a natural sweetness and pink hue. Equally enjoyable whether served neat or as part of a premium mixed drink or cocktail.

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