Hinch 5 Year Old Madeira Wine Cask Finish


Inspiration for this whiskey was drawn from the illustrious island of Madeira and its renowned Madeira wine. Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, boasts a rich history of producing exquisite, fortified wines that have graced the tables of connoisseurs for centuries. What makes this inspiration even more extraordinary is the fact that there are only seven vineyards in Madeira, each contributing to the island’s legacy of exceptional winemaking. It is these casks from the hallowed halls of Madeira’s wine cellars that our whiskey undergoes its transformation over a six-month journey.

Aged for 5 years ageing in ex-bourbon barrels, infusing the whiskey with rich character and depth. However, the true magic happens during the next six months when the whiskey transforms in ex-Madeira wine casks. This secondary ageing in casks, previously home to these revered wines, imparts a kaleidoscope of flavours to our whiskey, adding notes such as warming wood spices and stewed peaches.

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