Lambay Single Malt – Reserve Cask Series Batch 01


Lambay Single Malt Reserve Cask Series- Batch 01 is the first bottling of Lambay’s trilogy released and is limited to just 10,000 bottles. Batch 02 will follow in 2023 and Batch 03 in 2024.

A rich triple-distilled single malt, matured in bourbon barrels and finished in signature Camus cognac casks exposed to the sea air on Lambay island. This award-winning single malt consists of both first-fill and second-fill cognac cask finishing to deliver a more intense mouthfeel of spice, tobacco, and pepper on the palette.

Blended with Single Malt from the Islands warehouse, this whiskey has soft smoky attributes with slight salinity and a dry lingering finish that balances the rich oak and herb note. Before bottling, the island’s Trinity Well water is added to deliver this whiskey at 43% ABV.

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