Mulroy Bay Oak Barrel Poitin


Mulroy Bay Oak Barrel Irish Poitín is Baoilleach Distillery’s Original Irish Poitín which has been held in Oak barrels for up to 10 weeks. The barrels are small in size and impart a full and mellowed finish to the spirit.  Sweet with a hint of vanilla and wood spice,  with a background of wood tannins and rich Poitín sweetness.  Distilled in an old cottage in the Hills of Donegal overlooking Mulroy Bay, this Irish Poitín is created from a mash of Irish Malted Barley and Potato which is slowly fermented and then distilled using a direct fire still. The distillation is done slowly, taking 7-9 hours depending on mash ABV. Several distillation batches are needed to produce a bottling batch of 200 – 250 bottles.

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