The Killowen Dead and Buried Bundle


This Poitin is older than whiskey, older than moonshine; Bulcán was the ancient drop of choice at Irish funerals and wakes, so here’s to the dead & buried. Due  to the huge oat content, this spirit is extremely viscous, massively reducing alcohol burn. The drinkability of the spirit at such a high strength is most deceiving, resulting in an unexpected ‘knock to the head’ or ‘Bulcan’. In this exclusive discounted bundle, you will also receive x1 Killowen The Still Series – Whiskey, Poitin & Dark Peated Rum – 3 x 5cl.


The first sensation is of a huge sweetness which is later established as a bag of liquorice all-sorts. It is quite floral, like honeysuckle while bridging these notes is treacle, wheaten bread (or brow bread as they call it in the south) with a hint of pulled pork or other salty meat.

Again, liquorice all-sorts are in abundance. Custard cream biscuits in a bowl of custard on one hand with white desert wine and white grapes on the other.  All this sits on a very lathery texture thanks to the oat’s oily goodness.

Chocolate somehow enters the well-balanced flavour party here with the returning white grape, there is a sensation of a barnyard along with a fresh bread finish. In the end there is a real warming in the chest that is most comforting, a heat that somehow escaped the palate thanks again to the oily goodness of the oats.

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