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The Rebel Army

The Rebel Army Bundle is the perfect bundle to get you going on the full range of products that come from the amazing Midleton Distillery in Cork. Midleton is Ireland’s largest distillery and produces many well-known Whiskey brands: Jameson, Midleton, Powers, Redbreast, Writers Tears, The Irishman, Green Spot, Yellow Spot and so much more. This bundle is all about an appreaciation of the finest whiskeys that come out of Cork, so grab yourself this premium bundle while you can!

Exotic Flavors of Irish Whiskey Premium Bundle

Meet the Exotic Flavors of Whiskey Premium Bundle. This bundle features Irish Whiskeys that have unique and vibrant tasting notes. Caravelle features tastes of creamy toffee, sugar cane, blood orange, liquorice. Writers Tears Japanese Mizunara Cask Finish has notes of exotic florals on the nose and flashes of green fruit with hints of vanilla and clove on the pallet.

Caravelle is named for the sailing ship used for long voyages of exploration in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, and for Presqu’ile de Caravelle, the wild and lush natural reserve in Martinique.

Initially matured in American oak ex-bourbon and finished in rare Japanese Mizunara oak barrels for 9 months. Mizunara is an extremely rare Japanese oak with reported characteristics of sandalwood and coconut. This is a very unique blend of aged single malt and single pot still Irish whiskey from Walsh Whiskey.

Midleton Distillery

‘The pinacle of Irish Whiskey‘ The Midleton Distillery is the biggest distillery in Ireland and home to the world renowned brands of Irish whiskey; Jameson, Paddy and Powers, which also includes Midleton, Writers Tears, The Irishman, Green Spot, Yellow Spot. From a woolen mill in the late 18th century to being sold to the archbishop […]

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