JJ Corry - The Hanson Batch 1

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The latest addition to the J.J. Corry portfolio, The Hanson is a Blended Grain Irish Whiskey. It's a meticulous blend of just three casks of Irish Grain Whiskey from different distilleries. Four and ten years old and all ex-bourbon barrel aged, each cask was selected to build complexity upon the sweet and fruity qualities of the grain whiskey. The result is a classically bright and fruit - forward Irish Whiskey which is mellowed with deep oak, warm vanilla and toasted notes. Rich and surprisingly complex, this sip finishes with a touch of spice and a hint of oiliness on the finish. The Hanson, bottled at 46% abv and without any artificial colouring or chill-filtration, is perfect enjoyed by itself or in a refreshing high ball.

The Facts

Chapel Gate Whiskey
Alcohol Strength
Single Grain
No Age Statement

Tasting Notes

NoseFloral scents on the nose, with a hint of deep oak.
PalateOn the palate, ripe fruits, warm vanilla and some toasted notes.
FinishA rich, oily finish with a touch of ginger and warm spices.

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