Our mission is not small, but it is simple. We seek to share the Irish Spirits renaissance with the world.


Established in 2018, Irishmalts is the leading global retailer of the finest craft whiskey’s, gins and vodkas that the Emerald Isle has to offer. Irishmalts was founded by two whiskey loving brothers from County Cork when they noticed that many Irish Whiskey and Spirits producers were struggling to make their products internationally accessible.

Robert and John O’Donovan designed Irishmalts to empower independent Irish distilleries and help them reach spirits enthusiasts in all corners of the globe. At the helm of Irishmalts, John and Robert have also developed close links with prominent Ireland based distilleries. Irishmalts is proud to feature many of Ireland’s most recognizable brands in exclusive launches, products and offers.


Our customers are at the heart of what we do. That is why we have worked hard to offer fast and budget-friendly shipping to over 35 countries. We are constantly striving to make sure that our range has something for everyone, which is why our collection of 500+ products is always growing. Similarly, we make sure that our orders are processed with absolute attention to sustainability ethics. Irishmalts uses 100% recyclable packing material in all of our orders. We pack your order in certified Airsac inflatable pouches, which are filled with air to protect each bottle. We then hand place each wrapped bottle in a double walled cardboard box. 



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The Irishmalts Team