The Kerry Compilation Bundle


The irishmalts team has created this bundle as a homage to the wonderful whiskey that comes from Kerry. This bundle is a marriage of two popular Irish Whiskey brands; Portmagee and The Liberator. Use this discounted bundle as a tool to help you get more accuainted with the wonders of whiskey, straight from Ireland’s peninsular southwest.

The Liberator Storehouse Special - Malt x Moscatel Finish Cask Strength

A Double Distilled Single Malt at Cask Strength finished in really fresh Moscatel Sherry casks for 7 months, resulting on a fresh, light, Whiskey with floral, citrus and honey notes. This Liberator sourced rare Moscatel Sherry casks. The sherry originally in them was exceptional and The Liberator team was keen to see what they would do to finish some of their Whiskey. The team refilled them (within 2 weeks of disgorging) with a 2016 Double Distilled Single Malt for 7 months.

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Portmagee 9 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Portmagee 9 is a crafted blending of single malt and single grain whiskeys, Irish - through and through. Portmagee's heritage honours the original Seine boat fishing families of Portmagee’s Wild Atlantic Seaboard. The unique character is enriched by finishing in wooden casks infused with Barbadian Rum - remembering Captain Theobald Magee, an 18th century adventurer famed for smuggling spirits from the south back to his Home of Portmagee.

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