CWF 2024 Transportation SPS


Tasmanian Single Pot Still Whiskey. Transportation was the name given to the sentence that convicts received when being sent to penal colonies such as Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). From 1818 until 1853, about 67,000 convicts, many of whom were Irish, arrived on over 300 transport ships to the shores of Van Diemen ‘s Land. A vast number of Australians have Irish descendants that were victims of transportation, and this whiskey is a tribute to all those souls who had to leave their homeland and loved ones behind.

Single pot still whiskey is an Irish style of whiskey made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley with the option of some additional grains such as oats, rye or wheat. This Tasmanian single pot still whiskey is made in the Irish style with the best local Tasmanian ingredients, resulting in a wonderfully complex whiskey.

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