Rock & Rum – Thin Lizzy Rum


Thin Lizzy Double Charred Irish Whiskey & Spice Irish Rum in one Bundle.

Thin Lizzy Double Charred Irish Whiskey

Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham and Brian Downey, together with Philip Lynott’s family Caroline, Sarah and Cathleen immersed themselves over a 2 year period in a bold collaboration with West Cork Distillers to co-create an Irish Whiskey where craft and art combine.

Committed and uncompromising in their approach, after many tastings they personally selected an unusual blend of grain and malt Irish Whiskies finished in double charred oak casks for their Thin Lizzy Irish Whiskey.

Thin Lizzy Spiced Irish Rum

A truly unconventional spirit blended with spices, caramel and unique flavours with it’s butterscotch and vanilla aromas layered over a spicy palate of nutmeg  and clove. This rum is the perfect drink for those who like their beverages bold and full of attitude.

Each bottle showcases the works of iconic album cover artist Jim Fitzpatrick making Thin Lizzy Spice Rum as as visually stunning as it is delicious.


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