Thomond Gate Bold & Brave Red Ale – Custodians


This Bottle from a limited release of 270 Bottles was named in honour of Limerick’s bold and brave daughters of 1690 Seige of Limerick, taken from Cask N0. BB001 which was crafted from the finest American oak, kiln-dried and heavily flame charred to release the natural character of the wood and subtractive properties of the charcoal, then filled with distilled newmake Bourbon, transported to Great Northern Distillery, Ireland where it was filled in 2016, with Pot Still Irish newmake.

After 4 years of cradling the Pot Still, the cask was disgorged in 2020 and transported to Limerick’s Treaty City Brewery where it was then filled with an Imperial Red Ale. The cask was then returned to Great Northern Distillery, Ireland and filled with 2016 Double Distilled Malt Whiskey taken from a first-fill ex-Bourbon cask.

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