Thomond Gate – Luimneach Abú – Clash of The Ash Single Malt*


Celebrate Limerick’s historic victory with a sip of history. Introducing “The Clash of the Ash,” a limited edition whiskey from Thomond Gate Limerick Whiskey, crafted to commemorate Limerick County’s monumental achievement of winning the All-Ireland Hurling Championships four times consecutively.
This release is a vatting of multiple casks, each contributing unique characteristics to create a harmonious blend of strength and subtlety. Bottled at 49%, this whiskey mirrors the essence of Limerick’s hurling heritage, encapsulating the resilience, refinement, and indomitable spirit of the county and its people.
The spirit has been tamed to 49% to provide a balance of flavour while also ensuring an oily texture. Each sip offers a journey through the layers of robust flavours, creating a unique whiskey experience.
Packaged in a beautifully designed bottle that pays homage to Limerick’s hurling legacy, “The Clash of the Ash” is a unique whiskey to mark this momentous achievement. It’s a testament to the art of whiskey-making, a celebration of a historic sporting achievement, and a tribute to the spirit of Limerick County.

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