Dingle Founding Fathers 'Old Cannon' Cask Strength

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Dingle Founding Fathers Cask Strength Cask 227 yielded 240 bottles. The cask owner has kept 20 bottles (as would we) leaving 220 bottles for the open market. This cask was laid down in July 2014 and bottled in August 2019. 

Irish whiskey blogger Omar Fitzell's comments: "I have found Old Cannon the best Bourbon finish Dingle so far and I love it. Extremely drinkable. Absolutely no alcohol burn on the nose. None in the chest when drinking it. Just enough in the mouth. For me, this is a very balanced whiskey and outside of the super cask finishes such as "The Palace" and "Beau Rose", it's the one I'll be buying a second bottle of straight way"

The Facts

Dingle Distillery
Alcohol Strength
Single Malt
No Age Statement

Tasting Notes

NoseIs this really cask strength? Not even a hint of high alcohol content. A sweet yet malty nose. No rawness like previous Dingle releases. Slight hint of marmalade and some hazelnut hiding in the back.
PalateOily mouth coating with malty cereal at first that is quickly thrown aside and replaced by a caramel sweetness. A lovely rose and lavender not right towards the end. No heat here.
FinishThe finish lingers and lingers and lingers. The malty cereal notes have disappeared with a sudden burst of heat that leaves a beautiful prickly clove spice which once again is thrown aside by a mellow sweetness carrying right to the end.

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