Hyde No.7 President's Cask

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Hyde No.7, Single Malt Irish Whiskey is tripled distilled on a traditional copper pot still, to the very strict Hyde specification, from 100% malted Irish barley, in a single Irish distillery. This Single Malt Irish whiskey was aged for six years in 250 Litre vintage Oloroso ‘Hogshead’ sherry casks from Cadiz in the Andalusia region of South West Spain. Vintage Oloroso Sherry casks are hard to find and very expensive to source but it is Hydes view that they are worth every penny for the complex rich character which they add to the final taste.

The Facts

Hibernia Distillers
Alcohol Strength
Single Malt
6 Year

Tasting Notes

NoseDelightful notes of peaches & cream, vanilla, barley malt softness, with citrus, sweet, honey, caramel, chocolate, orange, lemon, banana, & infused with spices.
PalateWonderfully smooth yet complex, creamy yet fruity with notes of caramel and Manuka honey, apricot, plum, and a silky malt texture.
FinishRich, Spicy, & Oaky. It lingers in the mouth with a long rich finish.

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