Time Well Spent


Time Well Spent – 2 x 200ml

12YO Single Grain Rye Cask Finish

20YO Single Malt Rum Cask Finish

Tasting Notes:

2001 Single Malt – Dark Jamican Rum Finish 56.58%

Nose: An engaging nose of ripe orchard fruits, honey-dipped peach skin, green apple, sweet floral and tropical rum notes beating throughout, with drops of passionfruit and subtle oak.

Palate: Like gentle waves lapping ashore bring flavours of apples, pear and stone fruits, the hum of lemon peel found amongst a chewy malt backbone of toasted coconut and creamy vanilla pod.

Finish: Slow to fade, tingling heat leaves the tongue with spiced oak and coconut shavings.



2009 SINGLE GRAIN – American Rye Finish 63.11%

Nose: Ripe mango, guava, and honey, an overlap of green coffee bean and silky toffee, toasted oak, and a touch of citrus spice

Palate: Rich vanilla notes carried by the warm soft texture of the grain, sarsaparilla root followed up by lychee and cream, more honey and dry white chocolate shavings.

Finish: Long and satisfying. The citrus peel note dissipates, leaving behind cardamon spice and a warm gingerbread glow.

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