Tyrconnell Single Malt Whiskey

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The Tyrconnell is a double distilled, single malt, matured in ex bourbon casks. Made from 100% malted barley in traditional copper pot stills. The brand is produced by the Cooley Distillery but was originally made by the Watt distillery. The whiskey was made to celebrate a historic occasion in 1876 when a racehorse called "Tyrconnell" with odds of 100 to 1, won the famous Irish horse race The National Produce Stakes. It was first made as a limited edition small batch whiskey but soon became Watt's most popular whiskey.

The Facts

Cooley Distillery
Alcohol Strength
Single Malt
No Age Statement

Tasting Notes

NoseRoasted nuts, citrus sweet with a little honey
PalateHoneyed and smooth in texture with a hint of vanilla sweetness and mild oak
FinishMalt component with an oak finish which lingers in the mouth, allowing a keen graininess to move to the forefront

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