IrishAmerican 19 Year Old Single Malt Founders Reserve Inaugural Release

The Inaugural release of the Irish American Founder’s  Reserve Series dropped yesterday on Irishmalts. Carefully selected by the founder of IrishAmerican, John McKay, this exceptional whiskey is available for pre-order now.  His vision, dream and legacy is embodied in this rare  premium series. Gently matured for 19 Years in Jamaican Rum Casks and carefully crafted in small batches this exclusive whiskey has a deep, rich flavour.

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With citrus undertones that have mellowed over time with a fresh aroma, the result is a rare, remarkably smooth Single Malt with a long finish. Only 625 bottles have been released in Ireland to commemorate an important date in the history of Irish Whiskey.

The team at Irishmalts spoke to Sean Mckay of IrishAmerican, to discuss the new bottling and what makes it unique. Sean noted that this is the only bottle of whiskey that will feature his father’s name. It is the last whiskey that his dad would have curated and sourced himself, something personal to the family. Sean also noted that the whiskey is unique because it is doing a lot of things in one bottle. It is a rare cask rare cask as well as a Founder’s Reserve and a single malt. In that way, Sean Mckay and his family have created a premium product, at an approachable price. He noted that it is a “vintage whiskey at a cask strength, which is an interesting combination.”

Sean also noted that the packaging is unique. “ The packaging is different from most other brands. Dad was keen on giving a premium feel to things. We even went back to the old style of textured labels. For us it is not about making a quick buck.”

Irishmalts is equally pleased to note that this is not just a once off release. In fact, this bottle also marks the beginning of a series! This IrishAmerican 19 Year Old is just the first style in  a variety of casks that IrishAmerican will be looking into. That means that we can all keep an eye out for future founders reserves on the way! Stay tuned…

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