World Whiskey Day 2022

Irish Whiskey lovers, unite! It is nearly World Whiskey Day 2022! Regardless of if you are a casual whiskey drinker or a passionate industry insider, World Whiskeys Day is an excellent holiday to celebrate this weekend on May 21, 2022. 

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What Is World Whiskey Day

What is the significance of the date and why celebrate? Beyond the obvious answer (any excuse to have a dram or two), whiskey is a liquid of historical significance that has been produced for over 500 years. Whiskey has long been a drink that can be savored alone or shared between friends. So, why not pour yourself out a glass of top-shelf Irish Whiskey to celebrate! 

How Did World Whiskey Day Start?

We know a whole lot about the history of whiskey. In short, the first marker of distillation (or the process by which whiskey is made) dates all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. In such early days, the distillation process was usually employed to purify water. This process evolved as years past. The first distillation of whiskey appeared around the year 1100 when monks traveling into Scotland fermented grain and created the very first example of whiskey.

Later, when King Henry VII of England banned monasteries, plenty of monks began to mak their livings by selling the whiskey they distilled. In this way, whiskey became available to all! As early as the 1600’s Scottish immigrants brought information on the distillation practices with them as they immigrated to the American colonies. At the same time, the first whiskey distillery in Ireland was officially licensed.

As the 19th century progressed, many inventions came about that formalized the production of whiskey. For example, a “continuous still” modernized the distillation process which allowed for more cheap production of whiskey. As such, whiskey even made it through the Prohibition laws in the USA due to a loophole in the system. Whiskey was allowed to be sold as a medicinal product, which meant that bourbon became an increasingly popular product in the USA. As you can see, whiskey holds historical significance around the world, and has retained its popularity all the way up to this very day.

How To Celebrate?

We recommend that you celebrate World Whiskey Day this year with a fine sip of our artisan Irish Whiskey. We’ve selected a few bottles that we think would suit your celebrations perfectly.

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